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Enhancing Sports Recovery: The Impact of Press-Tack Needle Acupuncture on Lactic Acid Levels

Introduction: In the realm of sports, the significance of post-exercise recovery cannot be overstated, especially for athletes aiming to optimize their performance. Recent research has shed light on various modalities that can contribute to expedited recovery, with acupuncture emerging as a noteworthy contender. A compelling study delves into the efficacy of press-tack needle acupuncture, often […]

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Case study: Kidney transplant plus breast cancer diagnosis and continuous prophylactic chemotherapy

We thought we’d share a case study with you. If you have questions about it or would like to discuss it with Martha (Dr. Lucas), please contact her here. This is a 52 year old female who had a kidney transplant in 2014 (IgA nephropathy) and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 for which she […]

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Building Customer Loyalty In Your Acupuncture Practice The first step to building customer loyalty in your acupuncture practice is to create a strong foundation. This means building rapport with existing customers, and establishing a culture of appreciation and gratitude. Next, you need to make sure that you are providing the best possible experience for all […]

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Celebrate your small wins to stay motivated! Enjoy the journey as you reach your goals

When you think about your BIG goal, do you start to feel overwhelmed? Why? Because BIG goals usually don’t get achieved right away. Instead, why not create mini goals to help excite you along the way? This way you can be more goal-orientated and build a habit of being more effective, albeit with smaller goals […]

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hand massage
A Powerful Hand Exercise For You and to Teach Your Patients

We are in what has been called a global crisis when it comes to the suffering caused by mental health issues. One out of nine people report suffering from anxiety and the U.S. is one of the most anxious countries. Some 33.7% of Americans are affected by anxiety disorder some time in their lives and […]

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Fertility Challenges and the Blocked Dai Mai Presentation

Are you struggling with fertility issues and looking for effective treatment options? Are you curious about how traditional Chinese medicine can help improve your chances of conceiving? If so, you might be interested in the recent presentation/webinar hosted by the American Acupuncture Council (AAC), titled “Fertility and Blocked Dai Mai”. The webinar was led by […]

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