Celebrate your small wins to stay motivated! Enjoy the journey as you reach your goals

When you think about your BIG goal, do you start to feel overwhelmed? Why? Because BIG goals usually don’t get achieved right away. Instead, why not create mini goals to help excite you along the way? This way you can be more goal-orientated and build a habit of being more effective, albeit with smaller goals […]

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hand massage
A Powerful Hand Exercise For You and to Teach Your Patients

We are in what has been called a global crisis when it comes to the suffering caused by mental health issues. One out of nine people report suffering from anxiety and the U.S. is one of the most anxious countries. Some 33.7% of Americans are affected by anxiety disorder some time in their lives and […]

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Fertility Challenges and the Blocked Dai Mai Presentation

Are you struggling with fertility issues and looking for effective treatment options? Are you curious about how traditional Chinese medicine can help improve your chances of conceiving? If so, you might be interested in the recent presentation/webinar hosted by the American Acupuncture Council (AAC), titled “Fertility and Blocked Dai Mai”. The webinar was led by […]

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happy girl at sunset spreading her arms out
Do you Ever Prescribe “Happiness” to your Patients?

Do you ever prescribe thinking happy memories to your patients? 1) You can tell them that tapping into the power of positivity warms the heart and gives it a healthful boost! Recalling cheerful memories, like the day you adopted a pet or attended a fun gathering, reduces your body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol. This […]

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Introducing My Zen Skin Care: Natural Skincare Created by Acupuncturist and Author, Dr. Lucas

Meet Dr. Lucas, a multi-talented professional who has dedicated her career to teaching and mentoring, practicing acupuncture, writing books, and creating natural skincare products. Dr. Lucas is busy with a number of activities: + teaching and mentoring + private practices in Denver and Littleton Colorado + curator and creator of My Zen Skin Care, a natural skin care line […]

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cosmetic acupuncture on face
Mei Zen Facial Acupuncture Protocol and How It Can Help Your Practice

What is Mei Zen Facial Acupuncture? Mei Zen Facial Acupuncture is a type of acupuncture that focuses on the face and neck. While in Chinese Medicine school, Dr. Martha Lucas became fascinated with how Chinese medicine is what she calls “the true anti-aging medicine” and the result was the Mei Zen protocols for face, neck, […]

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