Lung and Kidney Energy Diagram
Dr. Lucas Talks About How To Treat “Pre-Grieving” And How It Feels In The Pulses

Do you have patients who seem to be grieving things that haven’t happened yet. — and that, for that matter, may not happen at all? Perhaps they tell you how […]

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Scattered Kidney Qi
How Does Scattered Kidney Qi Look/Feel In The Pulses?

Good question: How does scattered kidney qi look/feel in the pulses? Here is a picture of it. You will note that the scattered part is designated by a random set […]

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Migraine Treatment
How I Treat Migraines

Dr. Lucas shares how she treats migraine headaches in her practice. This time, she will discuss migraines caused by deficiency. As you know, my specialty is pulse diagnosis so it […]

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Chong Mai Meridians
Why Do I Love The Chong Mai So Much?

As you know, the Chong Mai is one of the Extraordinary Vessels aka 8 Extras. The Chong Mai is also called Thoroughfare Vessel, Sea of Blood, Sea of Qi, Sea of Reproduction, […]

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The magical herb Da Zao/jujube
The Magical Herb Da Zao/Jujube

I have been blessed all these years to teach overseas in my main clinic/class location Antalya Turkey. So I have been able to enjoy fresh da zao. I’ve even harvested […]

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chrysanthemum flower chinese medicine
Chrysanthemums are not only pretty, they’re medicine.

The medicinal part of the chrysanthemum is the flower. The flowers are usually picked from the plants and allowed to dry – not in the sun but in the shade […]

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