Pulse Diagnosis: Are we allowing it to become a lost art?

It is my experience that more and more practitioners of Oriental Medicine have left pulse diagnosis behind as a method of diagnosis. The reason I hear over and over is […]

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Pulse Diagnosis: Examining the flow of Qi through the organ systems

The flow of Qi is one of the basic constituents of the human body and its functions; our body’s ability to make good quality Qi is essential to good health. […]

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Lucas Teachings
Fertility Challenges and the Liver

I wonder if bombarding women over thirty two years old with regimens, dietary restrictions, and “advice” improves their chance of conceiving and experiencing a healthy live birth of a child. […]

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Anti-aging: Educating about the skin

We know that Cosmetic Acupuncture works but what then? Education is a key part to the practice of Chinese medicine and when you practice cosmetic acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, etc. it’s […]

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Our “abdominal brain” and its relationship to the pulses

In my practice there seem to be more and more people who are suffering from what might be called ambiguous digestive issues. They will ponder whether they are gluten intolerant […]

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Chinese Medicine and Explanations

by Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac., Chair Research Committee Human beings want to know why or how things work.  We crave explanations.  Very often explanations hinge on what are we willing […]

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