Mei Zen Preferred Providers

While there are many Mei Zen Practitioners who have taken their initial 3-day training to become a Mei Zen Practitioner, there are some practitioners who have participated in additional training and are therefore listed on our Preferred Provider List.

To find a Mei Zen preferred provider, first find the country below. Click on the + sign next to the country or US state to view the alphabetical list of practitioners.

Co-Founders of the Mei Zen System


Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac.
Denver Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Center
1331 Vine St., Denver, CO 80206
Co-Founder of the Mei Zen System
Instructor at Cosmetic Acupuncture Seminars
(303) 947-6224 – Private practice inquiries only. — Questions about the seminar will not be addressed at this number. Seminar related questions please call (303) 349-2932.

United States

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