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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. All of our courses offer NCCAOM or California CEUs. Please note that the NCCAOM accepts State CEUs (like CA) and most State Boards accept NCCAOM CEUs. Check your State’s Practice Act. 

Dr. Lucas’s Pulse Diagnosis Balancing System is unique in the world of pulse diagnosis. It is a system that allows you to see a wealth of information in the pulses and, maybe most importantly, the causes of the person’s symptoms/condition. AND, she teaches you commonsense ways to explain it to your patients. Here’s what just one person has said about learning Dr. Lucas’s system: “I’m loving your course and am learning a lot! The course is challenging and fascinating. It’s as if I am learning pulses for the first time! Wow! It’s is truly an amazing method!”

Dr. Lucas specialized in diagnostics so the bottom line for her is that the cure will come when the pulses are balanced – and she knows how to do that for people. She is both a “ good and gentle needler” – all of her patients can attest to that. She considers each patient’s situation to be a sort of piece of research: what do the pulses tell her to do, how did the points she needled change the pulses (or not), and keeps proceeding until the pulses are balanced. 

Please feel free to contact Jennifer at 303-349-2932 and she can complete your registration.

Dr. Lucas studied specific needling techniques in the Nei Jing to create the Mei Zen protocols. And, the protocols are truly based on Chinese medicine – they are NOT just putting needles into wrinkles or lines.

Cancellation policy: Due to the nature of Dr. Lucas’s classes (small, private courses with a limited number of participants) the cancellation policy is as follows: if a participant cancels more than 6 weeks in advance of the seminar dates, a full refund minus a $40 processing fee will be given. If you cancel less than 6 weeks in advance of seminar dates, whether or not you receive a refund will depend upon whether your spot can be filled. If we fill the spot with a new participant, then a full refund minus $40 will be given. If you cancel too late or your spot is not able to be filled, the tuition is non-refundable and there are no credits. There are no refunds if the seminar must be postponed or canceled due to circumstances out of our control (i.e., weather, a pandemic). We reserve the right to cancel any seminar 30 days in advance of the seminar dates. If we cancel or circumstances beyond our control force us to cancel, your tuition will go to rescheduled seminar dates. There are no refunds for online courses.

You learn about the history of the protocols, the points and their unique special needling techniques, plus supporting information like how food affects the skin, herbal remedies – Dr. Lucas gives you a mini herbal medicine chest for skin issues – Qigong for the face. The course that includes the abdominal protocol includes supporting information about weight loss, fertility, and other uses.

Most of our courses are designed for advanced acupuncture students and Chinese medicine practitioners/acupuncturists. We do have a few courses that would benefit massage therapists and aestheticians (facial Gua Sha for example.) The Abdominal course for Mei Zen Practitioners and the Mei Zen to become a Preferred Provider both require that one has taken the face and neck course.