SPECIAL POINTS: The Luo Points – How to use them to treat emotions

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Special Points: The Luo points and treating emotions
In this on demand, take at your leisure course, learn how to use the luo points to treat emotional distress. Dr. Lucas tells the meaning of each luo point with regard to emotions so you can effectively help your patients move through emotional distress.
It is said that the luo channels carry blood and therefore can treat the Shen/Spirit/mental emotional issues. Emotions go through stages or time frames and the luo points can address each stage. Using the luo points can move a person through their emotions rather than keeping them suppressed or repressed which will lead to other health issues (due to qi and blood stagnation). So we can help them avoid issues like anger building up, insomnia because the Shen isn’t supported, and more.
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PDF Presentation - The Luo Points: How to use them to treat emotions
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SPECIAL POINTS: The Luo Points – How to use them to treat emotions