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Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing

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Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing
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“It is well known to acupuncturists across the land that the traditional Chinese medicine pulse analysis by Martha Lucas is the most sophisticated, detailed and accurate reading that you could possibly have. We should accept her assessment and recommendations.”  .. a quote from the world renowned cancer treatment center The Pine Street Clinic.

In this comprehensive and engaging reading and video course based on over 20 years of Dr. Martha Lucas both having and being a mentor, her advanced training, and her clinical experience – the only course that gives you access to the instructor – she explains her system of pulse diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis is a skill not a mystery and teachers/mentors need to be able to explain the art of it, the fascinating details of this beautiful skill. People say that pulse diagnosis can be difficult to learn. Dr. Lucas says – “only if you don’t have the right mentor” – IT IS A SKILL THAT CAN BE LEARNED and you will love this rich, detailed, easy to understand method based on the classics as written about in her book Pulse Diagnosis: Beyond Slippery and Wiry. Guess what? There IS more than slippery and wiry to be felt under your fingers when you learn the correct way to do it.

This course will change your practice! Your ability to examine the pulses is your most important skill. In this system.

Taking this course, will allow you to:

+ see the causes/root of patients’ symptoms and allow you to give more effective treatments. You will not have to rely on “signs and symptoms” – that is an inadequate diagnostic method
+ understand the parameters of depth, texture, and connection (or not) of all pulses and their implications in all positions
+ gain the ability to diagnose issues with organ function
+ learn Dr. Lucas’s thorough step-by-step method of taking pulses
+ learn how to identify blockages in the diaphragm and in the belt channel in the pulses
+ learn to diagnose pulses for all the channels of acupuncture in the way in which they are supposed to communicate to create a NORMAL PULSE

“Dr. Lucas’s system is the clearest, most understandable to learn, and the system that gives your patients (and you!) the most information about what’s going on in their bodies.”

Dr. Lucas is available to be your mentor; she wants to help create as many excellent diagnosticians as the medicine can stand!”


Any acupuncturist or dry needler can make shoulder pain go away using acupuncture. But if the cause – perhaps stagnation in the SI channel – is not addressed because the practitioner just uses trigger point needling, then the pain will come back and the patient will say “I got acupuncture but it didn’t work.” I want to take that sentence out of the English language.

Acupuncture does work but the practitioner must be skilled at diagnosis. This course will expand your thinking not only about pulse diagnosis but about how to use points and channels as well

  • Course Format: Video with Slides and Notes
  • Includes a private one-to-one lesson with Dr. Lucas via Zoom which is a requirement for your CEUs
  • Private or Group Mentoring Available BOTH IN DENVER AND AT YOUR CLINIC to learn her system of pulse diagnosis TCM/pulse diagnosis Chinese medicine and balancing based on the classics.
  • Course NCCAOM and CA CEUs: 12

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