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Private Lesson or Training with Dr. Lucas
Private training or coaching with Dr. Lucas. Whether you are new to your Chinese medicine practice or a running a well-established acupuncture business, working with another successful acupuncture business owner can help you navigate challenges and break through the places in your business where you’re stuck, overwhelmed, and/or questioning your sanity. 
Bring your questions about:
– your business in general
– the practice of pulse diagnosis – Dr. Lucas teaches her system of pulse diagnosis TCM/pulse diagnosis Chinese medicine and balancing based on the classics.
– case studies: bring her your toughest, most complicated cases
– Cosmetic acupuncture questions
– Dr. Lucas can even watch your work on a patient to give you feedback about your needling skills, diagnosis, etc.
1. This particular course is a private zoom conference session (1 hour) with you and Dr. Lucas. Once private lesson or training is purchased, please reach out to Dr. Lucas through her email: to setup a date and time for your private lesson.
Investment in your practice: $189/session or schedule three and it’s $499 (email for special discounted pricing for 3 sessions).
2. In person observation and training in Denver.  For more details and cost, email Dr. Lucas for more information:
3. “What would Dr. Martha do in YOUR clinic?” Dr. Lucas travels to clinics to help practitioners with their diagnostic skills and treatment plans. She loves to see your most complicated patients! Email her at for more detailed information and cost and to set that up.

Private Lesson or Training

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