Cosmetic Acupuncture Facelift, Neck/Jowl Lift, and Abdominal Protocol Certification course for fertility and weight loss – No CEUs

*Build your cash practice big and fast! You are going to make more money! Your first Mei Zen patient will pay for the course + $$$. This class will pay for itself immediately with your first Mei Zen patient.
*One of the important benefits of this course is the one-to-one Zoom meeting with Dr. Lucas so she can give you feedback about your practice of the Cosmetic Acupuncture techniques that you just learned. Practitioners call this special part of her courses “invaluable” for their learning! Not many online courses offer that level of mentoring.
* This is the only facial acupuncture system that teaches you a unique, classical needling skill based on training in the Nei Jing and protocols specifically based on point and channel theory. It’s TCM,  not aesthetician school.
* Learn the protocols that have been called “The best protocols out there” and the class called “The best cosmetic course there is … I know because I’ve taken them all!
*The Mei Zen protocols are unique in that they are based on TCM THEORY COMBINED WITH MODERN MEDICINE science of how the skin works with regard to wrinkling and sagging. For best results, you can’t just treat a line or a wrinkle, the internal causes of aging must be addressed as well and Dr. Lucas teaches you about that. 
Workshop/educational topics:
+ the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture protocols
anatomy of the face and skin
facial diagnosis
physiology of the needling technique that Dr. Lucas teaches
+ how Mei Zen treats neuromuscular facial disorders
+ how gua sha, cupping, derma rollingmicroneedling affect the skin and how they differ in results from Mei Zen
skin care in Chinese medicine
herbs to help the skin
benefits for your practice, how to create a successful cosmetic acupuncture practice, advertising
+ how Dr. Lucas has combined the best of Chinese medicine AND modern medicine in her protocols
+ how to assess who is a good candidate for cosmetic acupuncture and benefits to patients
+ the variety of conditions that you can use the abdominal protocol to treat

These protocols are Chinese medicine. They are NOT about just needling a line, wrinkle, or guessing how acupuncture should work. Dr. Lucas is a Research Psychologist as well as an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner who teaches what works and who has been described as a “gem in our field.”

This comprehensive and engaging course experience is based on Dr. Martha Lucas’s over 20 years of clinical experience, teaching experience, and mentoring experience.  Mei Zen is a system – it is not just about treating lines and wrinkles with acupuncture. Anyone can put a needle in a wrinkle. She teaches an advanced needling technique from the Nei Jing – it is a skill that you can learn and you will love her rich, detailed explanation of how the system works.  

Besides the face and neck/jowls protocols, Dr. Lucas will explain how she uses the abdominal protocol not only for toning and weight loss, but also to treat fertility challenges, fibromyalgia, and more.

You will receive easy to follow lecture modules, the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture workbook for Mei Zen practitioners pdf, abdominal protocol and treatment guide pdf, plus bonus videos! And, she offers Private Lessons so you can be the best practitioner possible. 

  • Course Format: Online on-demand course
  • Requirements: Free Zoom meeting with Dr. Lucas 


Downloadables – Workbook and Notes

Mei Zen Face/Neck Part 2

Mei Zen Face/Neck Part 1
Mei Zen Face/Neck Part 2
Mei Zen Face/Neck Part 3
Mei Zen Face/Neck Part 4

Mei Zen Abdominal Protocol

Mei Zen Abdominal Protocol Part 1
Mei Zen Abdominal Protocol Part 2

Mei Zen Technique Presentations

Mei Zen Facelift Demo
Mei Zen Neck lift Demo
Mei Zen Abdominal Protocol Presentation
Additional Resources
Zoom Meeting with Dr. Lucas

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Cosmetic Acupuncture Facelift, Neck/Jowl Lift, and Abdominal Protocol Certification course for fertility and weight loss – No CEUs