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Fertility and the Importance of the Earth Element

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Enrolled: 6 students
Lectures: 2
Video: 30 mins


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Fertility and the Importance of the Earth Element online course
Delve deep into the intricate world of human fertility by exploring the integral role of the ‘Earth Element’ – our digestive system. In this comprehensive online course, we unravel the mysteries of the gut and its profound influence on reproductive health. Drawing connections between the ancient wisdom of elemental balance and modern scientific discoveries, students will gain invaluable insights into the importance of nurturing their digestive health, especially when trying to conceive.
  • Course Format: Video Presentation & PDF Downloadable
  • CEUs: 1 CA CEU and 1 NCCAOM CEU (both pending). NOTE: the NCCAOM accepts CA CEUs
This comprehensive course delves deep into the intricate relationship between the gut and the brain, exploring how this connection can have significant implications on mental health, particularly anxiety and depression. Participants will have the opportunity to examine this relationship from both modern and traditional Chinese medicine perspectives, offering a well-rounded and holistic understanding of the subject matter.

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Fertility and the Importance of the Earth Element