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The Lung Channel Points - unique ideas about how to use them

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The Lung Channel Points - unique ideas about how to use them
A Comprehensive Study of the Lung Channel and Points
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This course is a study of the Lung channel.

+ get into Dr. Lucas’s brain about how Lung acupuncture points work

+ learn how she uses unique point combinations

+ learn combinations that maybe you never even thought of

+ hear her advice on the best way to balance pulses and treat a variety of conditions

We can always use a different perspective on how to use certain points and/or channels. Dr. Lucas offers such information in this course. The course includes a video presentation as well as slides so you have the opportunity to hear how she uses specific points in a unique way as well as read and watch! She always offers more opportunities for you to learn.

  • Course Format: Online course
  • CEUs: 3 NCCAOM and CA

Course Information

Dr. Lucas also teaches her system of pulse diagnosis TCM/pulse diagnosis Chinese medicine and balancing based on the classics.