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Course Descriptions

Unique Point Functions And Combinations – That You May Have Never Thought Of!

This is an online webinar—6 hours of video. Link here: https://pacificrimcollege.online/course/unique-point-functions/

This course explains the various functions of acupuncture points from different traditions. You will re-learn your acupuncture points in a fresh and new manner. Discover unique acupuncture combinations, new ways of using old points, and new ways of using new points that you may never needle in clinic!

Full of actual clinical case studies and explanations of alternate ways to view your points, you will leave this course feeling inspired to get back to your clinic and make some shifts, especially with clients that you feel are stuck in their progression, or with the cases that leave you scratching your head as you FEEL as though everything you are doing is right, but the patient is not getting the results.

This class is ideal for anyone practicing acupuncture that is looking to both refresh their acupuncture point knowledge and to get out of the rut that many acupuncturists get in when using the same points over and over!

Once complete, you can show everyone your official knowledge skills with your new course certificate!

Price $180.00 Link here: https://pacificrimcollege.online/course/unique-point-functions/


Qi Gong For Pain & Anti-Aging


Explore how to use powerful Qi Gong techniques to increase circulation for pain-relief, a youthful complexion, and cognitive enhancement.

This is an online webinar—1 hour of video. https://pacificrimcollege.online/course/qi-gong-for-pain-anti-aging/

In this course, you will learn simple yet powerful Qi Gong techniques to help manage pain and reverse the signs of aging! Dr. Martha Lucas (internationally known instructor of Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture) will guide you through practices you can apply on yourself, your patients, or your loved ones. Backed by research and empirical evidence, Qi Gong is a powerful tool for improving the energy flow through the body to decrease stress and anxiety, supporting overall health, and encouraging a youthful appearance. Really, what more do you want? You don’t want to miss out on this course!

You will learn about:

  • The history of Qi Gong and the various conditions it can help alleviate
  • Research on the health benefits of a regular Qi Gong practice
  • How Qi Gong works to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Qi Gong techniques to use for headaches, muscle and joint pain, and menstrual pain
  • Qi Gong practices for reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • How to use these techniques on yourself, with patients, or loved ones