What Students and Practitioners are Saying:


“Loved it! So much great information and awesome teaching style.”

“Would highly recommend this class! Very informative and useful.”

“Very thorough class. I feel ready to incorporate cosmetic acupuncture into my practice. Thank you!”

“Dr. Lucas is a gem in our field; I want to take all of her seminars!”

“This seminar paid for itself plus more with my very first Mei Zen patient.”

“I wish that Dr. Lucas had taught at my school.”

“I have spent years struggling with pulse diagnosis and Dr. Lucas made it come alive for me in an understandable way.”

“My patients noticed the difference in their treatments right away after I started using Dr. Lucas’ pulse diagnosis method.”

“Thank you for a wonderful seminar. I look forward to deepening my knowledge.” C.M.

“Wonderful class and technique (Mei Zen). Looking forward to incorporating it into my practice. Patients will love it!” M.M.

“Dr. Lucas has a great set up for her classes: information in the morning and supervised practice in the afternoons. Very, very well put together.” H. L.

“I appreciated the knowledge and the anchoring in the classics.” T. G.

“Great presentation/workshop with structure, knowledge, and answering questions.” L.L.

“Awesome class! Thank you for teaching us about marketing too!” A. I.

“Thanks. I really enjoyed your course; well organized and presented. I’ve been to so many useless CE courses - this was NOT one of them.”

“Excellent instruction and my experience was great. Thank you. I will recommend this course to everyone." J.M.

“Wonderful course. Thank you. I feel confident in my abilities to use Mei Zen in my practice.” N. P.

“It was a great learning experience for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I will be doing Mei Zen in my practice asap!”

“Great seminar. Enjoyed the subject and practice opportunity.” D. Z.

“I loved the layout of the information, the materials given, and the style of teaching. Thank you.” K.G.

“Thank you so much for 2nd great seminar. My understanding got better.” R. E.

“Thank you. It was a truly educational and wonderful experience.” A. M.

“Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge.”

“Great course! I really appreciate the supervision.” C. L.

“Loved Dr. Lucas!! Very happy to have made it to this course.” Y.C.

“Very enjoyable seminar atmosphere and very happy with the amount of information presented.” V. T.

“It was great. Thank you so much.” A. O.

“Loved the class and hands-on experience.” K. M.

“I learn new information at every one of your seminars!” M.H.

“Awesome class!!” N.K.

“I loved the course just as much the 2nd time around! So happy to have found Mei Zen with the results I have seen so far.” K.S.

“It was a great seminar.” K. K.

“Dr. Lucas, Kathleen, and Stephanie - all very good educators.” R.B.

“Thanks as always for your knowledge and teaching.” T.K.

“Thank you so much for your knowledge, Dr. Lucas.” E .R.

“Thank you for teaching us a new skill.” L. V.

“Great course. I feel like I can use the techniques right away.”

“I’m so glad I got a spot! Thank you.” K. S.

“It was an enjoyable class and you make learning fun. Thank you.” J. K.

“Thank you! Was a great experience.”

“Thank you a lot for being willing to teach and for your great protocols.” J.D.

“Loved your course; great pace.”

“Amazing! Thank you!” D. S.

“Loved the material and great amount of practice.”