Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing (Live Webinar) May 13th

Zoom (online)

May 13th (4:00pm -5:30pm MST)– live online Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing. $499. Purchase and Enroll in this Live Webinar here! This course will change your practice! It is my opinion that the ability to examine the pulses is your most important skill. It is the skill that will allow you to see the causes/roots of […]


Post Traumatic Transformation (Live Webinar) June 7th

Zoom (online)

March 7th, 4:00pm (MST), live online webinar PTT: Post Traumatic Transformation – helping our patients prevent PTSD and support growth! Register here (the link to the course on the site) and you will receive a Zoom link for the meeting on the 31st. Purchase and enroll in this live webinar here! In this live, interactive webinar, Dr. […]


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