June 27th (Denver) – Unique Point Combinations that you never thought of – In Person

June 27th, (9:30am to 3:30pm MST), In person Unique Point Functions and Combinations in Denver, Colorado.

For years practitioners and students have been asking Dr. Martha to teach them the unique way that she creates her treatment plans, thinks about point functions, and how to use acupuncture channels. It’s here!

This course does that. Be ready to reignite your passion for acupuncture point selection. She will go over many points and the uses from a few theoretical standpoints as well as tell you how she used them alone or in combinations with other points.

  • Course Format: In Person (Denver, CO)
  • Course Schedule: June 27th, (9:30am to 3:30pm MST)

Jennifer will email you with the logistic details.

PROMOTION: If you’d like to enroll in both June 26th (Abdominal acupuncture for Mei Zen Practitioners) AND June 27th (Unique Point Combinations), CLICK HERE for the special discounted bundle rate of $449 for both courses. You can reach us through our live chat site option or by emailing Jennifer here: info@lucasteachings.com

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June 27th (Denver) – Unique Point Combinations that you never thought of – In Person