June 11th – Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing (Live Webinar)

June 9th (Friday) – live online Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing. $499. This course will change your practice! It is my opinion that the ability to examine the pulses is your most important skill. It is the skill that will allow you to see the causes/roots of patients’ symptoms and allow you to give more effective treatments.

Anyone can make shoulder pain go away using acupuncture. But if the cause – perhaps stagnation in the SI channel – is not addressed because the practitioner just uses trigger point needling, then the pain will come back and the patient will say “I got acupuncture but it didn’t work.” I want to take that sentence out of the English language.

Acupuncture does work but the practitioner must be skilled at diagnosis. This course will expand your thinking not only about pulse diagnosis but about how to use points and channels as well.

And I am available to be your mentor; I want to help create as many excellent diagnosticians as the medicine can stand!

We will send you the call connection information via email before the required Live Meeting virtual online session.

  • Course Format: Required Live Meeting, Video with Slides, and Notes
  • Live Meeting Schedule: Friday, June 11th at 12pm (MST), required for CEUs
  • Includes one-hour private tutoring session with Dr. Martha
  • Course NCCAOM CEUs: 12


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June 11th – Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing (Live Webinar)