30+ Acupressure Prescriptions

Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. takes advantage of her overseas conference teaching to learn skills and bring them back to acupuncturists in the U.S. This course is such a course and will teach you an acupressure system that uses the hand as a microsystem for the body. You will learn points and prescriptions for a variety of symptoms/conditions. Most of our patients need to do self-care between treatments and this is a perfect option for you to show them. In fact, you can make your own clinic’s Telehealth course to sell to your patients, or offer as little mini workshops on self care for them – from the information you receive in this course. Once again in this course, Dr. Lucas gives you a recorded video of the slide presentation IN ADDITION to the slide presentation itself for greater understanding of the material.

  • Course Format: online
  • Course Schedule: on demand
  • CEUs: 3 CEUs /PDAs

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30+ Acupressure Prescriptions