Pulse Diagnosis Seminars


Tired of all pulses feeling “slippery” or “thin and wiry?”
Learn how to make a proper, adequate, and detailed diagnosis

pulse-heart.pngLet the pulses amaze you!!

Learn how to take pulses in a way based on the classics that makes sense to BOTH you and your patients! They will be amazed with your skills and new treatment plans! Dr. Lucas is bringing a pulse diagnosis program to your city to train you to be the best diagnostician that you can be. This will set you apart from other practitioners, make your treatments more effective, and build your practice and income!

When you are an expert medical diagnostician, you will:

  • give more effective treatments

  • have more patients

  • command greater respect in your community

  • have increased success


What makes this program so good? It’s not just all talk – 

  • You will see how pulse diagnosis and acupuncture work during the supervised practice. 
  • You won’t just feel pulse “qualities”, you will see how acupuncture points shift the energies in people’s bodies. That’s right … we don’t just feel pulses for the so-called qualities, we do treatments to see how our health biofeedback system works. 
  • Don’t know depression’s signature in the pulses? Dr Lucas will show you. Don’t know how tumors, cysts, fibroids feel? She will show you.

 This program includes:

  • Two day in person course with supervised practice
  • 4 live webinars (50-60 minutes each).
  • That’s 5 meetings with Dr. Lucas over six months! Dr. Lucas offers unparalleled support and guidance to those who want to become experts in pulse diagnosis!
  • A pre-requisite for the course is viewing Dr. Lucas’s points course available at https://pacificrimcollege.online/course/unique-point-functions/. Taking this course in advance of our in-person meeting will allow you to get much more out of the course. Also, we do our best to make courses affordable and being able to make this a 2 day course instead of a 3 day course (having Dr. Lucas do the points class in person) will save you money.
  • And, you earn CEUs.

Training also available:
What would Dr. Martha do?

Dr. Lucas comes to your clinic to work with you and your patients to help make your skills explode!

  • Build your practice and make more money by being known as an expert in diagnosing the causes of symptoms quickly and correctly
  • Receive training from classical theory that is explained in modern terms
  • Learn to help your patients help themselves by understanding pulse diagnosis
  • Receive more referrals

What makes this Mentoring Program the best?

It's not just all talk; you will see how it works during the supervised practice. You will see how acupuncture points shift the energies in people’s bodies. That kind of experience during a course is extremely valuable. And, it will be in small groups.

Earn CEUs

For each 2 day in person seminar we offer 14 NCCAOM AND CA.


Interested in attending? Email Dr. Lucas at drmlucas@acupuncturewoman.com

Pulse Diagnosis Topics - Keep Informed! (Sign up for our Newsletter at the form of the bottom of the page for information on when these course will be offered.)

Clinical application of special acupuncture point prescriptions to effectively balance the pulses
Pulse Diagnosis and Fertility: Restoring balance to aid conception 
Pulse Diagnosis and the 7 emotions: Treating depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues beginning with the pulses
Pulse Diagnosis and improving facial, cosmetic, and upper jiao treatments (for migraines, etc.)

What Practitioners Say:

"I have spent years struggling with pulse diagnosis and Dr. Lucas made it come alive for me in an understandable way."

"My patients noticed the difference in their treatments right away after I started using Dr. Lucas’ pulse diagnosis method."

"Martha provided me with new pictures and experience of the pulse movements. I will be growing with this process for some time. Thank you!"

"Martha brought pulse diagnosis alive for me for the first time by giving me a system to work with & the sense that I can begin using it right away."